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IRS Forms 1094 & 1095

Important Information Pertaining to IRS Forms 1094 & 1095

Employees Will Be Receiving Notices From Their Employers & Medical Providers By March 2016

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requires that all employees are to be sent copies of forms sent to the IRS designed to show whether employees were covered by health insurance plans during the past year.

Therefore, no later than the end of March, 2016, you may receive one or more forms showing your health care insurance coverage in 2015.  These forms will be sent to you just as W-2’s are sent to you each year.

The IRS will receive copies of these forms, and will use them to determine whether you complied with the individual mandate which requires health insurance coverage for most Americans, and whether your employer complied with any insurance mandate it may have had.

What do you do with these forms?  Simply review them to make sure they are accurate, and then file them away with your tax record.  You do not need to send them anywhere, nor do you need to do anything other than file them away.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact the Plan Administrative Office at (800) 924-1226.